All committees work under the direction of the Board. Any committee recommendations and changes to the Rules & Regulations must first receive majority approval by the Board.

Volunteers Always Welcomed and Encouraged to Enhance Our Neighborhood.


David Pinsky, President 

Chris Sumner, Vice-President

Nicholas Conlin

Bill Hamilton


Architecture Control Committee

Board of Directors


Neighborhood Watch Committee

Block Captain’s

Bob Baker (894-1593) 7138 through 7162 Shady Grove Way and 1601 through 1630 Berry Hill Circle

Doug and Pam Johnson  (668-1962) - 7055 through 7133 Shady Grove Way

 Carol Culbreth  (907-0193) – 7019 through 7049 Shady Grove Way and 1426 through 1498 Applewood Way

Joe Kopacz (894-0610) - 1504 through 1547 Applewood Way

David and Judy Watson (907-5786) ) – 1552 through 1601 Applewood Way

Aubrey Marks (894-3296) – 1520 through 1557 Sugar Plum Circle

Becky and Winston Pierce (893-0900) – 1562 through 1599 Sugar Plum Circle


Social Committee

Board of Directors


Newsletter Committee 

Board of Directors


Website Committee

Board of Directors


Welcome Committee

Board of Directors