Frequently Asked Questions has been developed to address the most common questions as a resource to assist homeowners of our community.  For additional information or any other questions, please contact Marie Eddy, Association Director.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting takes place in February. Notices will be mailed and posted to the web site to announce the meeting.

Covenant Reminders

All exterior improvements such as fencing, additions, pools, screened porches, etc., must have prior approval from the ACC before constructing. Please submit a completed request to the association office for the Board’s Review.

Recreational Vehicles: No boat, trailer, recreational vehicle, inoperable motor vehicle or the like may be parked or stored on any street in the Subdivision or shall be parked or stored on any lot except in an approved garage structure.

Dues Assessments

The dues are collected each January and are currently $185 per property, per year.


No commercial vehicles shall be parked in driveways or in the streets on a regular basis.

Street Lights, Pot Holes, Sidewalks

Please contact the City of Tallahassee at 850-891-4968 or www.talgov.com to report streetlight outages, sidewalks, roads, ditches, or right-of-ways in need of repair.

Trash Pick-up 

Remember the City does not provide backdoor service anymore. Do not place your trash receptacles out until after 6:00pm on Wednesday evening. Likewise, place trash receptacles inside by Thursday evening.

Current Waste Pickup Schedule is (http://talgov.com/you/solid/pdf/red_blue.pdf): 

Recycling: Thursday
Garbage Service: Thursday
Yard Waste: Monday (Red week)
Bulk: Monday (Red week)

Complete copies of the covenants & restrictions are available here on this website and at the association office. Please contact the office at 850-841-4681 or office@myhomeowners.net and we will mail you a copy. In addition, feel free to contact the association office with any questions or concerns about the Homeowners Association. Association office hours are 9:00 - 4:30 Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about our neighborhood, please do not hesitate to contact us office@myhomeowners.net .
Thank you for visiting and we hope you will come back soon!

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